Survivor 1934-35 Chevy “Standard” Model Roadster


A car is only original once, so when you see a vehicle of 1930’s vintage in its original well-weathered outfit, its really something to be documented and cherished. I really should have payed closer attention so that I could be a little more exact with this information, but this appears to be a 1934-35 Chevy “Standard” model Roadster.  They only made a couple thousand of this body style over that two year span, and there aren’t many left in existence. The fact that this car survived in this condition for so long is mesmerizing.

You may notice that I took a couple of photos of the dashboard. I’m just learning how to use a camera and I was trying to get all artsy when looking through the wheel.  When staring at those photos, you may also notice that there isn’t a temperature gauge.  Crazy right? Well that was not a standard item on these old Chevrolets.  You’ll also notice the rusty looking torpedo on the dashboard.  That was a fan in a past lifetime, but its plastic blades have long since disintegrated.

While I was ogling over this very special car, I heard multiple people walking by and talking about “how nice it would be restored”, and “what a great project car it was”. And although both of those statements are totally accurate, I think it would be an incredible shame to remove all that is original on this car. It has survived 80+ years with so many of its original parts still attached, screwing with any of them would be an amazing loss of such wonderful automotive history.