Got Waste Oil? – Put It In A Laundry Detergent Bottle.

Don’t know what to do with your waste oil? Well here is a tip for those of you that have tipped over and overfilled single quart oil containers. Don’t make a giant disaster with your waste oil before returning it to the store, pour it in a laundry detergent bottle! Here is why:


Anyone that does laundry probably has one (or more) of these bottles around. They are awesome for holding oil, antifreeze, ATF, etc. Not only are they usually a gallon or more (AKA – a full oil change on most vehicles), but they have a no-drip spout area.


Using a detergent bottle to hold waste oil means that you don’t need to make a giant disaster in your driveway pouring the waste oil back into those silly little 1 quart containers. Seriously, how many of those have you tipped over when filling them? It flat out sucks when that happens. The only thing worse is when you overfill them with a funnel. You know what I’m talking about… Using a laundry container also allows you to stuff the whole drain pan into the top of the detergent bottle, rest it against a wall, and walk away. When you return a few hours, days, or weeks later, your drain bucket is nearly oil free. Sweet right?