This Is The Part That I Hate Most Today

exhaust clamp


Do exhaust clamps actually work for people?  I have probably installed 5 trillion of them, and I feel like they have screwed me at least 58% of those times.

Attention exhaust clamp makers – this is what we need:

  • Clamps that don’t break off when you tighten them. Seriously. What the hell is with that?
  • Clamps that don’t cause more leaks than they prevent. I thought that was the whole point of these crappy things. Have I been mislead?
  • Clamps that don’t rust within 8 seconds of touching outside air. Normal metal does not do this.
  • Hey – how about a new design that doesn’t suck the happiness out of my life each time I open the box?  The current design has been used since the 1920’s-ish. It’s now post Y2K – I think we can do better.  No. I’m not talking about V-bands bro…  I’m looking for a simple, cheap exhaust clamp that doesn’t suck.