You Ever Consider a Salvage Title GTR?

Every car enthusiast out there has a dream car that haunts every cell in their body. It’s never as simple as just going out and buying the car though. No. If you can just go out and buy it, it probably isn’t your dream car. That’s just a car that you want. Car enthusiasts want to have that barn find that legends are made of. That unattainable, ultra rare, flying unicorn that no other car-guy has. A car that you really have to work for.

Now, I want a Porsche GT3 with a Ferrari F40 parked next to it, but I know that I won’t make enough money in this lifetime to own either one. Unless of course I can hunt down an F40 that was at the bottom of the salty ocean for a few years after tumbling down an active volcano. Yes, I could probably gather up enough cash for that one. But if it has even one tiny usable part on it, its definitely out of my price range.

Today, we have a 2010 Nissan GTR that is sort of like that, minus the tumble down the volcano. From the sounds of the eBay listing, it was crashed, and then flooded with ocean water during Hurricane Sandy. That being said, it doesn’t look so bad, and the price is about half of what a drivable one goes for. So what do you think? Is an extra salty GTR that needs some cosmetic work the car of your dreams?

You can find it on eBay for $35,995 or best offer.  Go get em tiger.

eBay Item # 290854712306