LS2 Engine Swapped Triumph TR250 ?

Regretfully, I do not have many pictures of this incredibly awesome vehicle, though it is rumored to be an LS2 swapped Triumph TR250. It also has a custom made tube frame, coil overs, and monster C5 Corvette front and rear disc brakes to slow things down. The rear end and axles are from a newer GTO, and the exhaust is stainless from front to back. Oh, did I mention that it also has ABS and traction control?  Yea. Frickin incredible. Judging by the powerplant, the rollbar is a terrific idea, and the half roof is damn near magical. There is something really special about stuffing a huge American V8 into a little British car and having it swim in modern technology.

– Thanks Ryan for the sneak peek of this!

Update: There is more build pictures and info at I highly recommend you swing by there and spend the next 30 minutes oogling over this thing. It is WAY more impressive than what I have pictured here.

4G63 Wiring Diagrams / Schematics For Engine Swaps


1990 DSM 4G63 wiring diagram

1990 DSM 4G63 Wiring Diagram

1991-94 DSM 4G63 wiring diagram

1991-94 DSM 4G63 wiring diagram

One of the great downfalls of the common 4G63 engine swap, is that so many people begin them and never finish. It seems that enthusiasts spend endless money gathering parts and information, they get the engine installed in the vehicle, begin the wiring, and promptly throw in the towel. The vehicle then gets parted out and the engine swapper moves on to something else. I have seen this around 6000 times, probably more, and it hurts my soul.

Rather than get sad about it though, I got inspired to help. See, the common denominator in most of these 4G63 swap part-out’s was the wiring harness. If you have never dug into one before, it can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you pull the electrical tape off. The once organized DSM harness becomes a spiderweb that has no beginning or end. WTFUXORS ensues.

So, in the interest of helping fellow 4G63 engine swap enthusiasts, I created a couple of wiring schematics.  One is a wiring diagram for a 1990 4G63 DSM.  The other is the wiring diagram for a 1991-94 4G63 DSM. Each one shows how the wiring harness needs to be setup for an engine swap.  Most importantly, it shows the MPI relay, which is the most challenging part to understand.

With that said, hopefully some people will find these diagrams beneficial, and if so, let me know.  If not, let me know what I can do to improve them.