LS2 Engine Swapped Triumph TR250 ?

Regretfully, I do not have many pictures of this incredibly awesome vehicle, though it is rumored to be an LS2 swapped Triumph TR250. It also has a custom made tube frame, coil overs, and monster C5 Corvette front and rear disc brakes to slow things down. The rear end and axles are from a newer GTO, and the exhaust is stainless from front to back. Oh, did I mention that it also has ABS and traction control?  Yea. Frickin incredible. Judging by the powerplant, the rollbar is a terrific idea, and the half roof is damn near magical. There is something really special about stuffing a huge American V8 into a little British car and having it swim in modern technology.

– Thanks Ryan for the sneak peek of this!

Update: There is more build pictures and info at I highly recommend you swing by there and spend the next 30 minutes oogling over this thing. It is WAY more impressive than what I have pictured here.