Gearhead Videos: Go Watch CrossThreaded. Now.

Okay. You and I need to have #realtalk for a moment. There is a new video series on YouTube right now that Turbo Tom got me hooked on, and you absolutely must see. It’s for car people, it’s genuine as hell, and it’s pretty damn entertaining from beginning to end. The show is called CrossThreaded. Jim and Meghann are two real people trying to make a badass Exocet race car in their garage with basic tools and old Miata parts. They are just like you and I, except that Jim wears crocs while using electric grinders. I’ll be honest, I can’t really explain that one. Regardless of footwear, it’s an action packed Exocet/Miata build series with absolutely zero fake TV drama (I’m looking at you OverHaulin’), and it’s totally relatable to the average gearhead. Watch it, enjoy it, and support videos on the internet because cable companies are worse than getting a splinter while wearing wet socks.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Want more? Clickety Clickety -> CrossThreaded Youtube Channel

Like what you see? Of course you do! It’s CrossThreaded dammit! Support them by watching their videos, buying stickers and shirts, or maybe even donating on the CrossThreaded Patreon. Doing so will allow them to continue increasing the quality of the videos that they create. It may also get your name in the credits, which like Bad Obsession Motorsport, is pretty badass.