1951 Ford Coupe 20 Years Later – Returning To Earth

When I entered high school, my friends and I quickly located some nearby walking trails. These trails were great get-away areas when skipping out on class, smoking, or taking leisurely walks with a girlfriend. Now, I’m not sure which of these three scenarios originally landed me in front of this once-beautiful ’51 Ford coupe, but this morning… about 20 years after I originally discovered the vehicle in the woods… I decided to go back to school to see if it was still there. Spoiler Alert: It was.

(Okay before you watch the short clip below – I’d like to apologize in advance for not turning my phone the proper direction for video. I do know how to do it, and I just had a lapse in judgement. This video was intended to be super quick snapchat video to send to a high school friend… The only way it could have been a worse video is if I was breathing heavily and running from the actual Blair Witch. Again – apologies. I shouldn’t have even put it on YouTube or posted it here.)

20 years ago, this sled was in pretty rough shape, and strangely it doesn’t appear much worse today.  The entire center of the roof has vanished into the rotting interior, along with most of the lower half of the body.  The flathead V8 is still hiding between the front fenders, though the heads and carb have gone missing. When I was in high school, I remember locating the heads in the nearby brush, and placing them inside the car.  It’s possible that they are still there buried in several feet of pine needles. I didn’t disrupt the spiders much to find out.

imageimage image image

…And then I noticed the red wheels. WAIT A SEC. This thing was a friction hotrod! It’s a known fact that only badasses and hotrodders would roll a baby blue ’51 Ford coupe with red wheels and wide whites.  This thing must have been dope as hell back in its day! From this angle shown below, the car actually looks deceivingly savable.  Unfortunately, it is complete crap. I’m more ambitious than anyone I’ve ever met with old rusty metal, and there is no remote chance in hell of saving this thing. Sure maybe a few pieces here or there, but not the body itself. It’s barely holding together for these photos. It’s also in a location where it couldn’t be removed without a fleet of hellcat powered Unimogs.

image image

Below is my favorite photo from today. I don’t know what it is about moldy dashboards and cracked steering wheels that light my loins ablaze, but they get me every… damn… time. Just imagine the year is 1951 and you’re driving this car home brand new from the dealership, staring into the face of that all-inclusive speedometer. Your hair is slicked back, and the summer heat has you cranking the vent windows out.  V8 under that baby blue hood. 3 on the tree shifting through the column. 100% Detroit steel. THAT is living right there.


Eventually I had to say goodbye to the old sled.  I’ll visit again.  Maybe not this year, and possibly not even next year. But I’ll be back to check on her. Sleep tight.


1955 Chevy Convertible Barn Find

55 Chevy

A friend of mine recently showed me a picture from the inside of a local garage. Under the dust lives a 1955 Chevy Convertible that has not been outside in decades. I have so much need for this car that it makes me sick to my stomach. I’d love to buff it out, clearcoat the patina, install a modern fuel injected engine & brakes, and drive it as is. It would look magical parked next to my 64 Impala convertible. For now, this beauty will continue to rest, tucked away from the elements, waiting. Barn finds – They are still out there folks.

1969 Boss 429 Barn Find

Boss Mustang_6

Okay, so technically it looks like a dumpy garage, and not a barn, but it most definitely appears to be a real 1969 Boss 429 Mustang WITH the 429 engine sitting next to it! AND it has a manual transmission bellhousing strapped to the back… on craigslist… right now. Holy crap, is this real life?

With only 859 of these cars ever made, this would most definitely be the holy grail of Mustangs. These massive engines were conservatively rated at 375 horsepower and 450 foot pounds of torque, though real world says that they were likely in the 500+ horsepower range, with gobs more torque.

Each one of these cars had a tag on the door with a KK label that stood for Kar Kraft. That was the company that got the cars directly from Ford during production and widened the shock towers, modified engine mounts, lengthened inner fenders, and modified the suspension to make this monster 429 Ford engine slide in. Oh, and have the car stay together.

The ad says:

“I am taking bids on a 1969 Mustang 429 Boss with a true KK code. This is a car for a true Ford Mustang enthusiast and will need a restoration. The owner of the car had started the restoration and remove the motor and transmission. The motor was fully rebuilt to factory specifications. Soon after the motor was finished the owner passed away. His wife contacted me to help her sell the car. I am not the owner of the car. The car has been in her garage for several years and has not been moved. We will not move the car from its present position and will leave that for the new owner to document.

This is a truly rare and very special car. It is not only one of the best looking Mustangs but also the best Mustang ever built.

The owner is starting the bidding at $50,000!!! That is the starting bid and the highest bid we receive we be the new owner of a 69 Mustang 429 Boss.

We will only accept cash or a bank check. Car will not be released until payment is made in full. You are buying the car as is. No refunds, no returns and no warranties. You can call me about the car, if you e-mail me I will need a full name and phone number to call you back. I will not e-mail you back. If you are placing a bid I will need a phone number, full name and home address before I will accept you as a serious bidder. The winning bidder will be contacted by phone and phone only. As the winning bidder you will be responsible for removal of the car from its present location and will assume all responsibility, coasts and labor for the removal and transport of the car. If you e me please leave me a full name and phone number so I can call you. “

He also includes his address and phone number, but I will let you grab that yourselves.

So if you have the cash and the need for the most badass Mustang ever built, now is the time to make your move.

Craigslist AD HERE

Screenshot of the Craigslist post HERE