Must Watch – 1G AWD DSM Doing A Reverse Wheelie

There are some guys in the same car club as me with some wickedly fast cars. This is one of them. It is Nick Stack’s 1G DSM that is capable of running 9 second, 150+ mph quarter mile times. The video was taken by Chad Saindon at New England Dragway last week. Needless to say there were a couple of little “bugs” to work out this season. It turned out to be a damaged injector clip from what I’m told.

Under more normal conditions, he cuts 1.3 second 60 foot times, and rips off 9’s like it’s his job. Here is a recent incredible 60 footer, which then resulted in some shifting issues. Notice the speed though when he crosses the finish line. Got horsepower much?

But then you are probably saying – does this guy ever make a full pass? Well, yes. Of course he does. Here is one from 2012. He will be faster this year.